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ClintEastwood - Feb 4, 2015 5:22am, #72645

Right back atcha skippy.

ClintEastwood - Feb 4, 2015 5:21am, #72644

Or maybe that noise is coming from your basement. Is it time for you to bre***feed cranky and mooo again?

ClintEastwood - Feb 4, 2015 5:20am, #72643

well I'm guessing that the real reason you come to this site has “more to do" with you showing everyone that cranky isn't the only angerholic here. You could try breathing in and out a couple of times to see if that alleviates your symptoms a little bit.

ClintEastwood - Feb 4, 2015 5:17am, #72642

I figured liberals would comment on it and might find it offensive.

ClintEastwood - Feb 4, 2015 5:16am, #72641

Of course you'll bite. Your canadian attack dogs are rabid. Caught it from them? Not that inbred brits are much better, only a notch above typically obese canadians on the evolutionary ladder. "just very cunning?" Having trouble with the engrish again?

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 4:37pm, #72625

in case you are confused again, I was referring to #72613. as far as better clarity goes, English is my 2nd language and i do my best. for the record, i dont condone personal attacks if that helps to "clear" things up - I just like radical memes. ~fin

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 4:32pm, #72624

...and don't condone personal attacks. many pardons for my misunderstanding. :)

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 4:32pm, #72623

my apologies sir(?), i just now saw this comment. my computer is slow to refresh, my server being the beast and relic that it is. if I saw this, i wouldn't have responded with the rest - and no, I was not insulting ipaprime but yes, I know the rules...

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 4:20pm, #72622

now, y0u will all have to excuse me, my friends, as I have an American flag to burn...in honor of Feb 2nd, the Texan Holiday Holiday also quaintly known by the rest of the free world as National Serial Killer Day. Auf Wiedersehen

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 4:16pm, #72621

who, when faced with tyrannical authority or abuse at the hands of law enforcement and government, hide their heads in the sand and take it like good little doormats.democracy means nothing without pride in dissent.be bold my friends,be bold.without fear

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 4:13pm, #72620

....if that makes me "condescending" - especially when I do my best to ignore the personal attacks and threats on me and mostly keep to myself - then I'd rather be "condescending" if my only other choice is to be spineless or a doormat like most Americans

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 4:11pm, #72619

And to everyone else tuning in, I make radical memes, nothing more.Not looking for drama. I don't need to insult anyone here and I don't call members here "wifebeaters" though I think zimmerman is one and the foxnews reporters that defend him......

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 4:00pm, #72618

...I guess congratulations on the accomplishment…?

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 3:59pm, #72617

however, if you wanna defend a "moderating style" which softball defends new users like apollo who create accts who violently threaten contributing members WHILE getting emo on contributing members for being a little sloppy with his choice of words.....

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 3:55pm, #72616

i have the freedom to defend myself and say what my words mean just like you've the freedom 2 make false accusations and put words in my mouth based upon misunderstanding. how am I supposed to know you're not a woman?wasn't meant as an insult.

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 3:43pm, #72614

also, how i am a "sellout" and a "traitor" when I'm not even a citizen of your idiocracy? EPICFAIL (like your hero~zero~wormsfood kyle)

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 3:34pm, #72612

says the anonymous internet user who made an account just to attack me while hiding behind her computer. sounds like you are speaking from personal experience. Want 2 to know the big difference between me and Kyle? I'm still here. #winning

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 3:19pm, #72611

if you are going 2 give another new member like apollohollon the benefit of the doubt, be nice if you extended that courtesy to ALL new members, not just those who created a single acct to insult me. consider yourself corrected.

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 3:18pm, #72610

in case you need me to spell it out for you ma'am, i was not making fun of the user, but a reporter. However dont think i didn't notice that when I was attacked (practically threatened with violence) by another user, that you softball warned them.

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 3:15pm, #72609

ridiculous. I was making fun of the foxnews reporter that that quote came from - then I googled it and finished the sentence with the rest of the line the reporter left out with the better reporter, hence the quotes.""

ClintEastwood - Feb 3, 2015 7:28am, #72605

And the charges have been dropped >>complete sentence conveniently left out by the wifebeating teabillie>> "after the alleged victim backed off her claims." It's not because he didn't commit a crime. It's because his enabler girlfriend didnt press charges

ClintEastwood - Jan 28, 2015 6:16pm, #72585

If it makes you feel better, I have nothing "personal" against you for your opinion about me. Glad to see you using your right to free speech as well. I welcome it. Go for it and be bold, my motto. Auf Wiedersehen.

ClintEastwood - Jan 28, 2015 6:11pm, #72584

Politicians,mercenaries,police officers, corrupt cops,high profile psycho military figures,celebrities are all fair game when it comes to satire, parody and dissent. That what makes democracy fun.You are his fan.I am not.Simple as that. Word

ClintEastwood - Jan 28, 2015 6:07pm, #72583

Real soldiers have enough sensitivity to treat warfare as a lesser of two evil. A real soldier doesn't get his jollies from killing, try to cash in on it, use his hero status to act "invincible"[his quote not mine], slander Americans he doesn't like, etc.

ClintEastwood - Jan 28, 2015 6:05pm, #72582

The d-ouche even went as far as to make fun of a mother's hysterical reaction to her son's death when he gunned down that teenage insurgent. He thought it "funny." The excuse "I was following orders" doesn't give a soldier free reign to be a callous jerk

ClintEastwood - Jan 28, 2015 6:04pm, #72581

The d-ouche even went as far as to make fun of a mother's hysterical reaction to her son's death when he gunned down that teenage insurgent. He thought it "funny." The excuse "I was following orders" doesn't give a soldier free reign to be a callous jerk

ClintEastwood - Jan 28, 2015 5:59pm, #72580

He also lied about giving away all his book's profits to vet charities. He gave away a mere 3% or less. He's a d-ouche who could give as good as he got. And corrupt people who abuse power shouldn't be given a pass, especially a killer like Kyle.

ClintEastwood - Jan 28, 2015 5:57pm, #72579

He's a public figure who put himself in the lime light. He was convicted in your court of law for trying to defame an American as a traitor based upon lies, and his work, unlike politifake, wasn't parody. It was straight up slander.

ClintEastwood - Jan 28, 2015 5:55pm, #72578

Ironically the right didn't seem to care when teabillies attacked John Kerry's military record with lies to win an election, so I don't buy that Americans are oh so heart broken because they will defend vets at all costs. It's all bull

ClintEastwood - Jan 28, 2015 5:48pm, #72577

That's Mr. Eastwood to you. It's not anymore a personal attack against him than any other public figure. He's open season. Unless he's your friend or family, I don't understand how it's "personal." And I don't buy into the whole comrade-in-arms bs.

ClintEastwood - Jan 27, 2015 11:20pm, #72558

Chris Kyle didn't respect life. Treating killing others as a game, bragging about it. Brave young men deserve recognition and respect. Too bad Kyle wasn't one of them.His karmic fate is evidence of that.Enough for one night.Don't like me? Fine.Don't care.

ClintEastwood - Jan 27, 2015 11:18pm, #72557

I honor brave young men. Not psychos.Coward Chris Kyle hid on a rooftop,treating war like a video game. He came home, lied about killing Americans, defamed several more, and got killed being a dumba$s.A military badge isn't blanket immunity from criticism

ClintEastwood - Jan 27, 2015 11:15pm, #72556

Toddler? You're the one throwing temper tantrums over my memes, resorting to name calling. Not me. You don't see me running around, whining about memes I don't like. Other than entertaining your immaturity for the sake of amusement, I don't give a ****

ClintEastwood - Jan 27, 2015 10:32pm, #72555

Leave my wife out of it Brad.Re-read the rules and conditions of this forum - it prohibits personal attacks and slams on other's family members.Make a pro-Kyle meme if you like him so much.And yes,I made this meme to annoy you.Free speech b****ez!

ClintEastwood - Jan 27, 2015 10:20pm, #72554

Wanna know the biggest important difference between Michael Moore and Chris Kyle?One has enough sense not to drag a mentally ill,unstable man to a firing range and hand him a gun.Want to guess which one is #winning right now?rofl

ClintEastwood - Jan 27, 2015 10:20pm, #72553

Typical American jingoist.

ClintEastwood - Jan 26, 2015 9:12pm, #72499

Chris Kyle lied and said he gave all the $$$ from his book to charity for veterans. The National Review debunks this claim: Around 2 percent – $52,000 – went to the charities while the Kyles pocketed $3 million.The guy's a d-ouche.Deal with it.

ClintEastwood - Jan 26, 2015 9:03pm, #72498

His "duty" was to serve his country. Not harm it. If Nazis shouldn't get away with the excuse "I was just following orders" then neither should this schmuck who was clearly addicted to the violence of war. He glorified himself,and died for it.Bless Karma.

ClintEastwood - Jan 26, 2015 9:01pm, #72497

I don' care if Chris Kyle is one of your sacred cows.The right seems to have a problem with Obama's drone strikes but not with this maniac?The only difference between him and terrorists is that the U.S. govt gave him immunity to kill within an illegal war

ClintEastwood - Jan 26, 2015 8:57pm, #72496

Chris Kyle loved murder and clearly got off on it - “Maybe war isn’t really fun, but I certainly was enjoying it.” "Iraqis are savages, I hate em." "I sh** their pontoons and watched them drown. I found it funny, tell you the truth."

ClintEastwood - Jan 26, 2015 8:54pm, #72495

Chris Kyle is a well documented pathological liar and sadist. Brags about killing Americans that he never killed. Defames Americans and is found guilty in court for it. Brags & laughs about his battle kills when real soldiers would be classier than that

ClintEastwood - Jan 26, 2015 8:52pm, #72494

If you don't like the show, change the channel. What "duty" are your "soldiers" fighting for if not for my right to express myself free from tyranny and coercion? Your nation "vilifies" Obama as Muslim when he's really Christian.Where is your outrage now?

ClintEastwood - Jan 26, 2015 8:49pm, #72493

And who you supposed to be? Sarah Palin? lololololol

ClintEastwood - Jan 24, 2015 2:41pm, #72480

Correction: He WAS a soldier. Just to remind you, in case you forgot - the loser was sh** by one of his own "soldiers." He's now where he belongs, in the grave, with other serial killers - Ted Bundy, John Gacy, John Allen Muhammad (also a sniper).

ClintEastwood - Jan 24, 2015 12:03am, #72467

Emphasis on the word 'was.' lolololol

ClintEastwood - Jan 24, 2015 12:02am, #72466

So's trying 2 get away with murder.People seldom get away with it,and as history shows,they always get what's coming to them - as what happened to this cowardly P.O.S.When not busy lying about fighting washed up wrestlers,he was content pissing off vets